Friday, 10 August 2018

Yum dinner and the attack of the evil seeds!

Yum dinner and the attack of the evil seeds!  

1.Lesley arriving
2.secret HQs
3.Evil seeds

Knock Knock Knock. Knock Knock Knock. Lesley is here! “Hi Lesley, happy birthday!” Did I mention it was Lesley’s? birthday today, well it is. “Oh no Mum is doing the motor mouth so we sneakily sneak away.

HQ1 means mum and dad’s room and HQ2 means louis’ room. My code name ni and louie’s is fwend. name:/ni place:/ HQ1. that means that I have to go to HQ1. “what?!?!” I said to louie as he does another dive bomb on the bed. “Wow” I really could have fun.

“Dinner time!” Oh no evil seeds are invading my food! Munch munch. I’m carefully eating through my food avoiding evil seeds. Oh no. Only seeds left.munch munch… Yuk! I thought it be rude to say it out loud so I said it in my head. At least I’ve defeated the evil seeds.

To Be Continued...

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  1. you are the best but you need to do more work on your Ono work


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