Friday, 31 August 2018

Friday, 10 August 2018

Yum dinner and the attack of the evil seeds!

Yum dinner and the attack of the evil seeds!  

1.Lesley arriving
2.secret HQs
3.Evil seeds

Knock Knock Knock. Knock Knock Knock. Lesley is here! “Hi Lesley, happy birthday!” Did I mention it was Lesley’s? birthday today, well it is. “Oh no Mum is doing the motor mouth so we sneakily sneak away.

HQ1 means mum and dad’s room and HQ2 means louis’ room. My code name ni and louie’s is fwend. name:/ni place:/ HQ1. that means that I have to go to HQ1. “what?!?!” I said to louie as he does another dive bomb on the bed. “Wow” I really could have fun.

“Dinner time!” Oh no evil seeds are invading my food! Munch munch. I’m carefully eating through my food avoiding evil seeds. Oh no. Only seeds left.munch munch… Yuk! I thought it be rude to say it out loud so I said it in my head. At least I’ve defeated the evil seeds.

To Be Continued...

Falling off the tramp


1.Ty and Jay arriving
2.On the tramp
3.thinking I broke my back
Falling off the tramp

“Yay Ty and Jay are here!” I excitedly shouted as I raced to the front door. “Let’s jump on the tramp!” I hear my brother shout as he sprinted towards it. “Okay” says Ty as he followed my brother. So Jay and I raced to catch up.

Boing, boing, boing. We were happily jumping around the trampoline. Woop! Ty did an awesome backflip! Booing, booing. I was trying to bounce really high so I could attempt a flip. Woop! I did it, but I didn’t land it but who cares.

We decided to walk on the outside of the tramp, around, around and around. Woosh I fell.”OWWWW!” Dad came running to me. I slowly stood up and said “I think I broke my back.” But Dad quickly cut me off and said “If your back is broken then you can’t stand up.”   


Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Ohiwa holiday park

“Have you packed the games yet?.” I hear mum shout from the house to Dad’s car. I quickly reply with “No.” I do what my mum tells me to do.  When everything is in the car it was time to go. We got to listen to music so we get bored so easily journey.

When we got there we were still listening to one of our favorite it repeated like three times. When I saw the park a huge smile crept over my face, I wanted to try everything, absolutely every thing!
As we unpacked I noticed that there were a lot of fantails and kingfishers flying around the park. As soon as we finished unpacking Louis asked if we can go on the jumping pillow, and dad answered with umm… Okay. ‘Boing boing boing’ we were trying to get each other to fall on the sand. When we got bored of jumping around then we asked if we go on the pedal cart and the answer was yes! That was cool! Pity we only had two days.

Monday, 6 August 2018

My PE Voki

We are learning how to be kind at the PE shed.
I enjoyed things about the  PE shed.
I found it hard to remember what the PE shed was like and how to ask for equipment. 
My next steps is to remember when to return my items. 

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Why are marine reserves important?

Why are marine reserves important?
Have you ever Wondered why marine reserves are important?             

Marine reserves are important because I keep marine life safe.

Marine reserves help marine life grow and survive.

Marine reserves are important because Home to many sea life .
Those are the three reasons why marine reserves are important.


YOE young ocean Explorers